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News Release | Environment Oregon

Statement: $7.7 million for EV charging infrastructure in Oregon

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced Thursday that Oregon will receive over $7.7 million for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. 

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Oregonians will soon be able to "recharge where we recharge" | Jessie Kochaver

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department is launching a pilot project to place electric vehicle charging stations in 17 state parks across Oregon.

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Report | Environment America Research & Policy Center

Progress Report: President Biden’s First Year

Following years of rollbacks, President Joe Biden began his term nearly a year ago amidst unprecedented environmental and public health challenges. Despite these obstacles, his administration has made significant strides toward restoring lost environmental protections and confronting daunting threats to our climate and public health, according to a new report by Environment America Research & Policy Center and U.S. PIRG Education Fund. 

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News Release | Environment Oregon Research & Policy Center

New report: Microplastics found in 100 percent of tested Oregon waterways, including Crater Lake

At 30 waterways tested across Oregon, microplastic contamination was found in every spot -- from the rivers that flow through our biggest urban centers to the state’s most remote and treasured waterways like Crater Lake.

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Report | Environment Oregon Research & Policy Center

Microplastics in Oregon

To better understand the scope of the microplastic problem in Oregon, Environment Oregon sampled 30 of Oregon’s most iconic rivers, lakes, and urban waterways. Here's our report with the findings.

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